Chow Mane - Jackin 4 Slapz

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[Verse - Chow Mane]
If you put that on somethin' put it on me
That girl from Busan, gave me brain like I'm a zombie
I pull up, one deep
Y'all pull up like you puttin' on a onesie
She got that fake Gucci like the dude who came out of jail
They tried to clone me too, but they failed
Driving 50 in the fast lane in San Jose to Oakland, Vallejo
Goin' federal like 40 chasin' after the mail
I'm in some chains like Alice, tryna change like Malice
But I can't 'til I get the juice and drink it from a chalice
If anyone challenge, I take 'em no question
Spent your rent money on food I just 8 in your section
FNN we gangin', Gangnam Style gangin'
Booty red and fat lookin' like a slice of bacon
Mind goin' turbo, first place when it's racin'
I don't work for free, conversation is payment
Existing is pain unless you payin' for my music
Scars, bruises, inflict damage to a nuisance
Microphone styles abusive, fusion
With no Potara earring, you might lose it
The truth is tryna find its way to you, kid, can you see?
Do you hear, do you smell, all the air that it breathe?
Easy street really ain't so easy
So they smoke that pack that make they voice sound like Jeezy
Believe me
Find me at the Daiso I'm buyin' a pack of Hi-Chews
Favorite flavor cantaloupe, kinda look like a Raichu
I don't wanna fight you, but if you got beef
I'ma Boyle it like Susan, then I'll serve it up to eat
Sprinkle cumin, let it marinate, fry it up with some sherry
I already got a girl, run from pussy like I was Jerry
I'm very complimentary like breakfast that's at the Marriot
Posted up in your area, yellow fever, malaria
Sick, I don't gotta pull up with a stick
I already got inside your mind like Pickle Rick
I don't even know you but you want a free plug
Young bloodsuckin' rapper this the shit that make you tick
Tock, turn back the clock like the doc
When Stunnaman and Uno was still rappin' 'bout bops
Got a red ring 'cuz the game on lock
And the beat don't slap without Chow Mane on top
I don't wear Vans, I wear Foamposite Ones
And my clothes goin' stupid so my whole closet dumb
Young Chow Mane and I look like Kevjumba
Give me 2 months, I'ma be on No Jumper
Shirt cost a hundred, shoes cost five
I'm the best in the game, top dead or alive
I learned how to rap like I learned how to drive
Pull the top back and go off, uncircumcised
Lost my head, lost my mind
But one to one I won time
Smokin' on a blunt I rolled like wonton
And I don't chew gum but I'm spittin' at a rapper
I go nuts, I go almond, word to my pastor
Couldn't pay the money for my verse when I asked ya
Word to Jordan Garrett, had to hit 'em with the Casper
And after the laughter, I don't see tears
I see dead competition, used to be my peers
I see rappers tryna hide in they camo gear
What's the matter, thought your momma told you have no fear
But apart from scary I'm very cautionary
I'm on the lookout for any signs of an opp to bury
Cook like a commissary, this ain't no movie
I took a tab of some acid and now my eyes Lil Uzi
Bro, it's the C-H-O-Dub, Mane
And I'm known for my flavor and my tongue game
I got your girlfriend wondering
One thing and another, why you don't got my funding
See my boxin' with the beat, Praying Mantis Style
If you gon' believe in something, believe in Chow
'Cuz I got soul like Curits, I'ma blow like Kurtis
If you don't believe me then why you look so nervous?
Sweat on ya brow when you lookin' at Chow
I'm so spicy, I'm so round
I'm your wifey favorite sound
'Cuz I rap like a hot plate, I lays it down
But I pick up where I left, and put on for my city
'Cuz I'm from San Jose but I know the whole Bay f*ckin' with me
We underrepresented so I'm out here representing
When they hear this then they all gon' pay attention
To my people what you sayin' I done heard
With my voice I spread the word
Chow down on a herb
User my first name as a verb
All that trash you talkin' bro that shit absurd, shit is looney
I'm like Data from the Goonies
Call me Dada when she do me
I'm a warrior, just like my momma but you a worrier
Worryin' about all that drama that ain't concernin' us
Nah, every night in the studio
I'm the shit, I'm the bootyhole

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