Rocky T. Duckworth - Jesus

Текст на песента

Jesus died on the cross and
Paid for our sins and
Glad to be saved by the blood of Christ
And He was buried in a
Borrowed tomb but
Three days later He did arise 

-verse 1-
Oh Mary Magdalene
Tell me why do you weep
They did not take him away
‘Cause he was not there

-chorus 2-
Jesus Son of God said
“Father forgive them
For they know not what they do”

You gotta have faith and
Ask forgiveness
And you will enter the Kingdom of God

-verse 2-
Lamb of God who took
Away the sin of the world (lost)

Left seven signs that prove
This Son of man is God

-chorus 3- (recording repeats chorus 1)
God so loved the world He

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